Macfrut Forum, a preview focused on technology and retail

On 22 September, a preview of the international exhibition of the fruit and vegetable sector will be held at Cesena Fiera: retailers and operators will share their experiences in the 3 sessions of the meeting. The 2015 edition of Macfrut (Rimini Fiera, 23-25 September), scheduled to begin in less than a month, is getting ready to offer visitors from all over the world a series of programmed events dedicated to the fruit and vegetable supply chain, starting on the day before the official opening of the trade fair.
On Tuesday 22 September, at the Cesena Fiera venue, in the Sala dei Tre Papi, the Macfrut Forum will be held, a preview of the Italian event that will be entirely focused on retail and markets. The programme will comprise three sessions including several meetings with opinion leaders and key players in the sector, who will introduce current topics of interest, trends and major challenges faced by the supply chain.

The day of events will begin at 10.30am with the Agroter session based on the theme of “Fruit and Vegetables at the supermarket of the future – Attracting customers through emotions and reasoning”, chaired by Roberto Della Casa and Daniele Tirelli. After an introduction by the chairmen, a round table will take place, where four international retailers will discuss the emotional aspects linked to fruit and vegetable marketing. At midday, instead, the main theme will be reasoning, with a special focus on cherries and red fruits, fresh-cut and fresh ready-prepared products, and the management of the department.

In the afternoon, at 2pm, the „Promotional offers at the store, now and in the future“ panel is scheduled: several European retailers will discuss this theme by sharing their experiences. At 4.45pm, there will be a third session focusing on technological innovation as a tool for conquering markets. During this session, Turkish, Chilean and US case studies concerning the management of cherries will be presented. Subsequently, new perspectives for the agri-food industry, innovative packaging, logistics and environmental sustainability will be discussed.

You will find the full programme, constantly updated, at the following link:

Source: Rimini Fiera

Prague, 1 September 2015