The program of Brand Management 2016 published

Balanced representation of industries and companies in different stages of development promises a very interesting discussion about managing of brands. Prague 21st July, 2016:  Brand Management 2016 will take place on September21 and will target on how to create and further develop an irresistible brand. In addition to the international star- the keynote speaker Ken Segall, who closely collaborated with Steve Jobs, there will be a number of local managers and experts in the program.

They are representing diverse industries and are coming from companies at different stages of development, from start-ups to grown-up companies with a long history. The Conference creates a unique platform for dialogue between these 2 groups that do not meet very often. The program undoubtedly brings a very interesting chance to gain new inspiration for all who own, control or otherwise influence the fate of brands in the market.

The organizers from Blue Events have just published the complete program of the Brand Management 2016, held on 21st September in Slovansky dům in Prague. The program is divided into 4 thematic blocks.

The first program part will show who are the irresistible brands. Petra Průšová from Kantar Consumer Insights will open the event with the current analysis of the Top Global Brands and Rostislav Stary (Social Connector) will illuminate how winners look like in the digital era. Practical examples from the lives of two very different brands, which combine the success both at home and internationally, will be brought by the marketer of a large corporation (Tomas Gregořica of ŠKODA AUTO) and co-owners of the famous Czech family company EMCO  (Mr Jahoda Senior and Junior). The introductory program block will be concluded by Tomáš Mrkvička (Y&R Prague), which will demonstrate how to understand the irresistibility of brands.

The core of the Conference is in the second program block that explains, what irresistible brands (not) do. Here is the space for the main star – the keynote Ken Segall, an experienced marketer, which among other brands supported also Apple. He worked closely with Steve jobs as a Creative Director of the agency that created advertising campaigns for Apple. Ken is well-known also to the Czech readers as the author of highly interesting and inspiring book Insanely Simple. The Czech translation of his this year’s novelty „Think Simple – How smart leaders defeat complexity“ will be baptized and first distributed directly at the Brand Management conference. For more information about Ken and his new book see here.

The third program section opens a space for presentations of brand stories, which allow participants to answer the question How to do it? Jan Stanek of the company PurposeFly will consider how to do things in our conditions in a simple and meaningful way. Then a show will follow representing two very different brand worlds that are nevertheless connected by their glorious traditions and the status of „Love-brand“. It will be the case of Grant McKenzie (Pilsner Urquell) and Margaréta Víghová of ZETOR TRACTORS. The block will be finished by fresh experience how to proceed in one of the biggest ongoing rebranding in our market: RWE .

The Conference will culminate by highly topical panel discussion about the management of brands in digital times, which will be moderated by Jan Podzimek, Head of PRIA. The panellists will represent companies that show a high degree of adaptation to the digital transformation, but are different by size and stage of development. In addition to the well established companies (Vodafone, Continental or Kofola) we will get also an opinion of e-shop, or an absolute „market novices“ who recently shocked the market with the brand Kefírer.



Source: Blue Events

Prague, 25 July 2016